What do you do when everybody LOVES Red, White & Tuna…and you sell out?!? You ADD MORE TUNA! June 29th matinee seats are now available for purchase. Now is your chance to see what all the fuss and buzz is about.

WHAT’S THAT YOU SAY? THERE HAS BEEN A CURRENT SPOTTING OF A SCHOOL/GAGGLE/ PASSLE OF TUNA-ITES at the Lubbock Community Theatre. For those of you who don’t know what a “Tuna-ite” is, it is a resident of Tuna, Texas (The 3rd smallest town in Texas).

WHAT YOU ASK??—didn’t Lubbock Community Theatre just have a stage full of THOSE people last Christmas when they presented “A Tuna Christmas”? The answer is YES.

But they’re B—A—C—K. Starting on June 20 and running through June 30, the Lubbock Community Theatre will present “Red, White and Tuna”!

It was only this past December when LCT presented “A Tuna Christmas” to sell-out audiences and a mere 6 months later, they are back with the 3rd in the award-winning trilogy.

It may have only been 6 months in Lubbock time, but in the time of Tuna, 1,999 days have passed since Bertha and Arles had that romantic dance at the Christmas party, RR boarded that space ship, Vera Carp lost the Christmas Yard decoration contest, Aunt Pearl told Stanley to get out of Tuna and don’t look back, and since Helen and Inita were both fired from the Tastee Freeze.

So, 1,999 days later, what’s changed? Well—things have definitely moved forward in the relationship between the lovebirds, Didi is only waiting one more day before she’s going to divorce RR and join the world of eligible singles, Vera is running for Reunion Queen, and Stanley has made a name for himself in the world of Roadkill art. But we don’t want to give too much away.

And who is back from the Christmas cast and what new faces will you see?

Pam Brown and Michael McKinin will return as Bertha and Arles. And joining them are Kim Ansolabehere (Vera Carp), Keren Weaver (Aunt Pearl), Sean Allen Jones (Didi Snavely), Katie Stackhouse (Charlene Bumiller), Cindy Callaham (Helen Bedd), Richard Privitt (Joe Bob Lipsey), and Trace Warner (Elmer Watkins/ Garland Poteet).

New faces—Collin Evans (Stanley), Randy Cook (Thurston/ RR), Alyssa Steward (Star Birdfeather), Clay Kennedy (Rev. Spikes, Leonard Childers), Lindsey Schroeder (Inita Goodwin), and David Weaver (Petey Fiske)

So gets tickets while they are hot and go to the website – or call 806-749-2416 for tickets. Performance dates June 20-23, 28-30. Ticket prices $20 adults, $15 students/ seniors, and group rates available. Production at Lubbock Community Theatre at 4230 Boston Avenue. (“Red, White and Tuna” is NOT part of the 2018-2019 season ticket package).

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