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Ubu Roy 1LCT After Dark presents Ubu Roy: An American Tale

(This show is not part of the Regular Season)

Created by Strange and Company
Based on Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi
November 3-5, 10-12   Show time will be at 9:00 pm
Surreal political comedy

Lubbock Community Theatre debuts its experimental “LCT After Dark” season with an

adaptation of the French surrealist classic Ubu Roi. In Ubu Roy: An American Tale, the crass,

violent, loud-mouthed, and shockingly incompetent Pa Ubu of Alfred Jarry’s fictional Poland becomes the crass, violent, loud-mouthed, and shockingly incompetent Ubu Roy of present-day America circa – oh, let’s say – 2016. Through betrayal, subterfuge, and a hefty helping of good old-fashioned B.S., Ubu Roy remarkably finds himself challenging for the highest office in the land, only to find he has a more than worthy adversary waiting in the wings to take the job for herself. Ideal for the disappointed, the jaded, and the simply fed-up, Ubu Roy is guaranteed to be “yuuuuge!”

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xmasA Place Called Christmas

Directed by Whitney Ryan Garrity
December 1-4, 8-11
Holiday Play with songs

This charming play by local playwright Whitney Ryan Garrity has delighted audiences across the US and across “the pond” as well.

The Holiday Toy Store closes its doors on Christmas Eve leaving five toys behind. The four older toys befriend the freshly painted puppet, Woody. Woody learns about Christmas and Santa Claus from the others and the toys embark on an adventure to find Christmas, believing it to be a place. (The Toy Maker’s been saying that Christmas is just around the corner since Thanksgiving!) With the help of two quarreling elves and a flighty Good Fairy, Woody and the toys discover the true meaning of Christmas.