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"LCT announces details for 10-Minute Play Festival"

"LCT announces details for 10-Minute Play Festival »

"Ten Eyck has been precise in the casting process. The result is certainly a terrific and totally involving ensemble performance. This is, put simply, great theater, a presentation of “The Shadow Box” that works its way beneath the skin and demands difficult discussions."

LCT's "Shadow Box" presentation is great theatre, demanding discussion »

"The most important message Shue is trying to make is expressed with a chuckle. But the play is lighthearted fun with adult themes lurking in the shadows. Those taking youngsters might want to be prepared for questions on the way home."

Serious laughs: Ten Eyck well cast in predominantly lighthearted "Foreigner" »

Kerns: Lubbock Community Theatre priced out of Underwood Center »

"Kudos go to the entire cast, and also to the parents who helped make the clever costumes and took time to help their little ones learn lines. Their efforts paid off."

'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' is a family-friendly treat »

"Whether or not one happened to be a history buff in high school or college, he will leave Lubbock Community Theatre laughing and better informed - if nowhere near politically correct"

Past (almost) Perfect: LCT takes on "The Complete History of America, Abridged" »

"The production being staged by Lubbock Community Theatre is undeniably tender and moving, blessed with one of those rare ensembles that no stars dominate. Each actor appears just right for his or her particular role."

"Bus Stop": Outstanding ensemble cast captures comedy's tender spirit »

"On the whole, the performances command attention, and this production of "Children of a Lesser God" does raise provocative issues without consistently affecting audiences on the deepest possible emotional level."

"Children of a Lesser God": Lubbock Community Theatre production commands attention »

"It is obvious that Pamela Brown loves the play, and just as obvious that she also wanted to respect the playwright's intentions. She has shared her passion with a gifted cast, and the result is an entertaining, often fantastic rendition."

"The Fantasticks": Lubbock Community Theatre stages classic with a gifted cast »

Greater Tuna' star Williams to headline LCT fundraiser »

"This is a gripping production, which builds to a powerful second-act payoff capable of drawing gasps and tears even from those who walked into the theater familiar with the material."

“The Crucible”: Impressive cast reimagines Miller’s morality tale for the 21st century »

"Uncomfortable. That is how I felt throughout, experiencing storytelling that may even generate humor at times, only to make the patron soon question whether laughing was at all appropriate."

Lubbock Community Theater's producation of 'Pillowman' leaves viewers with goosebumps and curled toes »

Pillowman' gets fresh treatment under West's watchful eyes

"The play would not work had not Brown cast it to sheer perfection, discovering a local ensemble that could dignify any stage in the country - as well as a backstage crew whose reactions to dozens of sound, lighting and multi-media cues are right on the mark."

Musical 'Assassins' adventurous, intriguing, great theater »

"Director-choreographer John Packard's production of the camp musical comedy "Zombie Prom" has emerged as one of the Lubbock Community Theatre's season highlights. It is an expertly paced, professionally acted and, often, beautifully sung marriage of zany romance and surprising, hilarious confrontations."

Mutant Sweethearts: 'Zombie Prom' combines excellent song and dance with doo-wop romance to create a dying good time »

"In strong, steady, directorial hands, Agatha Christie's drama "And Then There Were None" (also called "Ten Little Indians") is as involving today as it was when the queen of murder mysteries introduced the story as a novel back in 1939."

Over all, 'And Then There Were None' keeps audience attention »